Artist statements are a fluid and ever-evolving kind of thing.  I wrote this poem/statement a while ago and it still paints the larger picture of why I paint.  I've included little bits of information in the Gallery section headings to help fill in the gray areas of my motivations on particular subject matter.   I often do not heed the directions/limitations imposed by the artist world as to how to go about doing what I need to do.  I just do what I need to, how I need to in order to get things done well.  So, in this fashion, I have written a poem...something I've been told I'm not supposed to do for an artist statement.  Over time I imagine there will be more poems on my website, as writing is both cathartic and a great communication tool that seems to resonate with others when paired with my visual works.  

  Intensity of focus,

singularity of motion,

mediation on purpose,

brush stroke by brush stroke...

what can I create?

what will this process birth?

 Order out of chaos,

millions of pictures in my head, 

one coming forth

story telling at it's most intimate,



 A new entity is born into flesh

and I am hooked for life

 on this thing---painting.             

                                              -T.M.Gand (c) 2005

A painting of time and space
"New Adventures Await" a 10x8 inch painting I did recently for the Abilene Center for Contemporary Art's Little Masterpieces fundraiser.  
Prints are available in my Etsy shop.